Wholesale Access and Discounts

Big box stores compete unfairly because they are able to leverage their sales volume to negotiate lower wholesale prices. But thanks to the Furniture Chamber of Commerce, small retailers are able to utilize the same economies of scale!

Our large membership allows us to negotiate lower wholesale prices on a broader selection of furniture lines than you might be able to get on your own. No more wondering if you’re getting the lowest prices!

More importantly, we can help you offer more brands and options for your customers. Manufacturers that don’t want to deal with individual stores are more than happy to do business with our membership!

You can also instantly offer tens of thousands of additional products via our in-store kiosk program. These beautiful, large-format, touchscreen kiosks are a great sales tool and open up a world of possibilities for your customers.

It’s all about being stronger together than separately. No more unfair advantages to the big box stores – join the Furniture Chamber of Commerce for free today and see how we can help you get better wholesale prices and bigger product selections!

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