About the Furniture Chamber of Commerce

The seeds that grew into the Furniture Chamber of Commerce were planted in the early 1980s, when a young man named Larry Kozin opened his first furniture store.

As the operator of a single store, Larry experienced firsthand the difficulties in competing with national chains and big-box stores. Over time, he noticed the real problem was that small, local stores lack access to the business organizations and relationships needed to compete effectively.

So, Larry started the Furniture Chamber of Commerce to help other businesses thrive and to bring new faces into the furniture industry.

Through our large membership, we are able to negotiate better deals than local stores are typically able to negotiate for themselves. We can also provide access to products, services, and other business needs that would not generally be available to local merchants.

The bottom line is this: We’re all in this together – and we’re all stronger when we work together. It really is possible for small, local merchants to thrive in the furniture business. And helping you do that is what the Furniture Chamber of Commerce is all about!

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