Merchant Services

The Furniture Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer our members several important Merchant Services to help reduce overhead and increase business. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Credit / Debit Card Processing

Confusing fee structures and hidden costs may be costing you too much for processing your customers’ payment cards. A free review of your payment processing statements will quickly show if we can help you save money in this large expense category!

Consumer Financing Options

Offering your customers more attractive financing options is a great way to increase business. We can help you connect with companies that provide great financing programs for your customers, often paying you for the merchandise up-front!

Business Expense Review

Most small businesses are paying too much for many of the largest and most common business expenses. Utilities, payment processing, bookkeeping, insurance, and many other expense categories can eat into your profits and erode your bottom line.

The Furniture Chamber of Commerce are eligible for a free Expense Review. This comprehensive process will look at where your money is going and help identify unclaimed savings – and even handle any needed negotiations on your behalf!

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